Trufflepig Search digs deeps to recruit the best in marketing, PR, and communications for our client companies. The following is a list of the types of positions we serve for our client companies:

Social Strategist/ Senior Digital Strategist/ Social Media & Community Strategist

  • Defines and expands social media strategies and is the primary decision maker for the campaign: runs the program, decides on spending, and tracks the overall measurement of investment.
  • Cognizant of the global landscape of today’s social media adoption and upcoming digital trends. Creates strategies and data-driven objectives based on this knowledge; early adopter.
  • Develops strategies to implement tools, works toward brand objectives, and adds value to communities that appeals to current clients while acquiring the attentions of new communities.
  • Good communicator: works with the client company to identify its overall goals for using social media and works with the social media experts.
  • Responsible for receiving issues, opportunities, and insights from the online community manager and using these to reestablish and align social media goals.

VP or Director of Communities/Engagement

  • Oversees current social media campaigns, promotions, and interactions between the company and its communities.
  • Promotes thought leadership with blog posts and postings to communities.
  • Establishes goals for managers/developers and creates objectives for social media campaigns.
  • Primary decision maker for the social media campaign, decides spending, and tracks investment and ROI.

Content Manager/Emerging Media Manager

  • Plans content for a variety of channels for programming (blogs, webinars, forums, radio shows, interactive media, etc.) through social media.
  • Generates discussions related to other PR topics, such as company product releases, and makes content relevant to the lifestyle of the community.
  • Responsible for developing emerging media strategies and addressing recommendations for change. Evaluates potential industry issues and assesses opportunities for growth in emerging media.
  • Monitors the company’s performance in carrying out campaigns and provides analysis of growth by monitoring web analytics—follower counts, Google analytics, Omniture, sentiment, etc..
  • Manages social media community engagement efforts, circulating existing marketing materials through social-media channels.

Online Community Manager/ Digital Communications Manager/ Online Reputation Manager

  • The voice of the company externally and the voice of the customers internally. Monitors the company’s reputation with respect to its competitors, often using different social media sites and tools.
  • Executes digital strategies for generating leads, building brand awareness, and driving attendance to sites. Creates, manages, and oversees a variety of publications and social media
  • Interacts with PR, online marketing, customer care, and sales teams. Responsible for maintaining relationships with outside influencers such as bloggers, analysts, journalists, and the media.
  • Generates social content for corporate blogs and formulates new dialogue for social media content and for external engagement with customers in social channels (community, Facebook, Twitter).

Social Media Designer and Developer/ Director of New Media/ Director of Community Development

  • Technical expert for company’s social media accounts: designs, programs, and manages social tools and media content like blogs, communities, and traditional websites.
  • Works with campaign leaders to develop unique and engaging technical solutions for more online exposure and visibility in social networks.
  • Develops strategic plans to best support and drive online campaigns, fundraising, and mission objectives.
  • Implements new social media campaigns and tracks the progress of current marketing promotions to creates online-based relationships with clients and promotes brand loyalty
  • Visualizes, plans, and creates the look and feel of communities and social media tools, based on collaboration with marketing and communications departments.
  • Oversees timelines, content calendars and manage upcoming web projects with the developer (or technical) teams and third party vendors.

Social Media Marketing Specialist/ Social Media Marketing Specialist/ Marketing Technologist

  • Markets the company’s brand through all channels of interactive marketing social media, circulates existing company marketing materials, and is responsible for all marketing-oriented technology
  • Expands on the company’s already implemented brand positioning by working with PR and marketing teams to maximize the development of programs that are still gaining exposure
  • Enhances the brand’s image by developing customer loyalty and increasing brand awareness. Establishes consistency across multiple networks and works with the marketing and public relations team to ensure proper messaging is being published online.
  • Manages analytics measures, such as SEO and PPC, related to social media, reporting on campaign effectiveness.
  • Leverages Google Analytics and other social media management software to develop criteria for evaluating social media campaigns

Data Evangelist/ Social Media Analytics Strategist

  • Measures and evaluates all social media campaigns, working with social media strategists to influence decisions on whether to continue or terminate projects.
  • Develops and alters the criteria by which they measure social media’s effectiveness (length of time spent on sites, number of new registered users, search engine optimization [SEO] improvement, number of page views, etc.) and evaluates social media’s contribution to ROI
  • Social media experts with a background in market research or web analytics often take the position of social media analytics strategist which calls for the measurement of success in social media projects and campaigns.
  • Propose opportunities for social media growth and supplies detailed reports of current and future campaigns with their estimated contributions to cost and expansion.
  • Responsible for analyzing performance and providing suggestions to improve or expand the use of technology and social media platforms.

Note: Titles in social media marketing and communications often vary. This list is meant to be a helpful guide rather than a compilation of what we offer to our clients.

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