By Sai Pradhan, Managing Director HK, Trufflepig Search Limited

In August 2010, Ogilvy PR’s 360 Degree Digital Influence Practice’s Social Media team in China put together an infographic to show China’s social media equivalents in an expansive list of categories: wikis, deal-of-the-day, instant messaging, blogging, and SNS to name a few. While the equivalents may have different features, they take on enough similarities to be comparable in terms of user demographics and usage. The most basic example is China’s Ren Ren which is a Facebook equivalent.

On March 2, 360 Degree Digital Influence released an updated version which showcases just how much change has taken place in the short six-month period. The new infographic gives a quick snapshot of the increase in platforms. Groupon’s commitment to China is reflected, as are Quora (compare to Yahoo Answers) and Tencent’s (Internet service portal) micro-blogging services.

“Making graphics like this is, of course, far from an exact science,” writes Thomas Crampton, Asia Pacific Director of 360 Digital Influence. We agree, Thomas, but it’s a great, easily digestible visual regardless.

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