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by Sai Pradhan, Managing Director, Trufflepig Search Limited, Hong Kong

Trufflepig Search Limited is part of a group of engaged social media practitioners in Hong Kong called HK Social. This month, Jay Oatway, “the most followed man on Twitter in Hong Kong” hosted HK Social’s monthly gathering, and shared his thoughts on the future of social networking using Color, a new photo sharing app, as an example.

Color is fascinating. It capitalizes on the urge we all have to see everything that’s around us, not just from our own angle, but from the other side of the room, providing a visual map of our surroundings.

Here’s how it works:

You post a photo or video publicly when you’re logged in, and your content is streamed to everyone else within 100 feet of your location. You don’t choose your network; this app does it for you. As a result, what you have is a series of images from various perspectives, all of the same location you are in yourself.

Click here to see a demo.

Jay uses the example of the International World Rugby Sevens, a tremendously popular annual event in Hong Kong which took place last month. While quite a few of us in the stands shared photos and comments via Twitter at this notoriously vibrant sporting event, how much more visual information might we have had if several people were using the Color app?

“It’s hard to pinpoint the best use case for this app because it is so unique in design. You can use it to share photos among a group without having to pass the phone around, or you can use it to keep a visual log of not only your life, but of the lives of those you see the most,” writes Ben Parr for Mashable.

It remains to be seen how well this app does in comparison to the slew of new photo and video sharing apps on the market, but we’re looking forward to discovering its many uses.



With the holidays coming up fast, there’s probably someone on your gift list that you’re having difficulty shopping for. Maybe he or she is an entrepreneur, or an early adopter, a tech-nerd, or just someone looking to help boost business in the New Year, whatever the case, these five books are must reads and make for great gifts and stocking stuffers.  These references are the building-blocks of successful social media campaigns no matter the size of your business.

They also represent five great ways to learn about social media, jumpstart your business, and understand the importance of establishing a digital presence. The first lesson comes from Trust Agents: trust is the new currency and the only way to establish trust with your customers is to learn from the examples of those that are doing it right. Lesson two, from The Whuffie Factor, proves the importance of listening and teaches how to add value to your business from responding to feedback. Six Pixels of Separation emphasizes the importance of sharing compelling content and becoming a thought leader to empower your customers and increase your business. Lesson four may seem obvious–hardwork is a given for any successful business, but Gary Vaynercheck, author of Crush it!, outlines how to make your passions come to life  with hard work. Finally, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web gives step by step advice and tips for optimizing your social presence.

More details on Mashable’s Top 5 Must-Read Social Media Books if you follow the link.

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