Candidates who used to seek out ways to impress their interviewer at the expense of their own personality are fading out, even in this changing economy. In the new age of employment, the new-millennium workplace features an environment where potential employees interview the company just as critically as the company interviews them. These employees seek to find a company whose brand complements their own personal brand instead of changing their personal brand to reflect that of the company as was seen frequently with the baby-boomer generation. What’s more, companies are increasingly focused on hiring employees whose personal brands align with their company brand—“cultural fit”. Employees who fit the corporate culture of their company tend to take more pride in their work and offer ideas consistent with company goals.

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My inbox is deluged with job-search queries. That’s understandable: the job market remains tepid, and Kiplinger’s doesn’t see the unemployment rate dropping below 9% this year.

Some of my correspondents want suggestions on job-search direction or particular employers. Most of them do not. The vast majority of folks seek guidance…