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At Trufflepig Search, we often collaborate internally.  When creating a blog post, we crowdsource topics, assign them collectively, and then collaboratively edit the finished posts.  By brainstorming topics together, we come up with the most timely topics and infuse more value by differing perspectives.  Having multiple eyes allows for a more thoughtful treatment of the subject matter.  In one of our most recent blog posts, several members of our company added their own thoughts to the topic.  After everyone added their reactions, we curated the post to best reflect and incorporate everyone’s perspectives and opinions. By integrating our different ideas in our writing and editing processes, we hope to create more meaningful and unique content for our audience.

Companies that fail to encourage collaboration risk losing out on productivity and profitability.  Even high-profile companies have lost out because of lack of teamwork.  According to Corporate Visions, 33% of B2Bs do not collaborate in message development.  And of the companies whose employees do collaborate with each other, only 3% create collaborative strategies that can be repeatedly used.  The vast majority of companies are missing out on the innovation that collaboration can bring.  Collaboration helps lead to creating more valuable content.  In an age where social is making collaboration, this news is more important than ever.

Social tools that facilitate such collaborative dialogue within companies.  Instant messaging, unlike emailing, is fast and informal–it’s a good tool to use when sending information back and forth between team members.  We use instant messenger to communicate throughout the day instead of having to get up or wait for an email response. Basecamp is another great tool for corporate collaboration–you can share a schedule of projects with everyone else in the team, as well as being able to delegate and assign between team members.  Editorial calendars are also useful in sharing a timetable of all upcoming projects with all team members, which will keep everyone on the same page.  

Collaboration between team members and between divisions leads to innovative ideas and products.  Social tools are a boon to teamwork and the creation of original content.


Women Media Networks recent event in Hong Kong focused on leadership in an era of rapid change with speaker Jason Oke, regional strategy director at Young & Rubicon.  Sai Pradhan, our Managing Director in Hong Kong, emphasized the importance of networking-based events through WMN.  WMN is a non-profit organization focusing on networking in the Asia Pacific region.

The event was about planning and forecasting for business to be successful in the world of rapid change.  Women Media Networks used examples from marketing, space exploration, the media industry, and the military to explain how to create a successful business in this time of economic evolution.

Women Media Networks has a mission based on three pillars.  The first is to promote individual development, innovation, creativity, and productivity by holding events.  Second, to address the so-called “leaking pipeline” of women filling executive roles, and third is to inspire companies to improve opportunities and benefits for women.

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