Most company blogs feature what strategist Mark Schaefer describes as the “killer P’s”: pronouncements, promotions, and product descriptions. The content is typically no different than what you’d find in the pressroom of the company website or the product line information, and offers little more. In fact, these blogs exist more because a company should have a blog, rather than sharing value-added information to the audience.

Interestingly, “only 22% of the Fortune 500 [companies] blog, compared to 45% of the Inc 500, and about 80% of non-profits”—a trend that may surprise many. Mark Schaefer has combed hundreds of company blogs and shared 10 companies that are doing blogging right. Each blog is different, with a different goal, and varied audience. There are many more high technology blogs worth checking out but for these purposes the best Fortune 500 non-tech blogs are listed.

The 10 Best Corporate Blogs in the World

My reaction to most company blogs: “Blah, Blah and Double Blah!”

I recently taught a class on corporate blogging at the amazing social media marketing graduate program at Rutgers University.  In my research for the class, I pored through hundreds of websites looking for examples of the best company blogs in the world