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Managing a Facebook Career Page is another way to broaden a company’s social engagement.  It may seem a bit superfluous to have a Facebook Career Page in addition to a company website or company LinkedIn profile, but having a career page on Facebook immediately opens up a business to the 901 million Facebook users.

By curating your Facebook Career Page yourself, instead of letting Facebook automatically create one, you are taking control of your brand, much the same way as creating a page for your business gives you control over the content.  Managing your company’s page yourself is the only way that you can control how your brand is marketed.

Having a career page provides an outlet for you to create a dialogue with your consumer base.  Marketing through social media is all about creating a community of followers and interacting with your followers can strengthen your brand, SEO, and customer base.  Some tips for engaging your followers on Facebook include: sharing links instead of only text and give your followers reason to spread the word of your brand through promotions, useful original content, and thoughtful leadership.  Include phrases such as “share with your friends” and “click here” to create an interactive relationship with your followers.  Direct them to your other web presences to add value and track the user engagement.

Having a Facebook Career Page can be time consuming, but it can also be an asset to help build your brand.  LIke any medium, make sure this also fits with your overall brand strategy before you just hit “Go”.

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Online job board scams are out there but here’s a source of 9 sites where you can find legitimate job postings for positions that really do exist. That said, the best jobsites online are changing. While Monster and CareerBuilder still lead the pack, there are some new-comers that offer more targeted searches to help with your next career move. Each of these sites offers more than just a job board, they offer consulting services, custom resume tools, self-branding techniques, lists, and useful content for the jobseeker. And if you are a social media communicator, be sure to submit your resume with Trufflepig Search!

Top 9 Sites to Bookmark for your Career Search


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