A report from BuddyMedia that came out this week examined how Facebook can be best utilized for business. When you include a link in a post or on your page make sure to use the whole link—people who did this in the BuddyMedia study found a 3 times higher engagement rate than when a shortened URL was used. While shortened URLs are useful for twitter, people are more likely to click through on Facebook when they see the branded link.  Also, posting a question at the end of a post instead of at the beginning boosted people’s engagement rates by 15%.  The majority of pages saw the most engagement on Thursdays or Fridays, but this varies by industry, to see what day is most used in your industry click here.

With a network of 750 million active users, half of whom use Facebook on any given day, connecting your business on Facebook is a great idea.  Facebook is even creating pages for businesses who have not yet done so themselves so it is best to claim it as your own so that you can monitor it and respond to customers. Out of these 750 million users, 250M use it on their phone—ensuring that they have access to Facebook 24/7. With such a huge, and dedicated, network, Facebook is the perfect place to brand your business, increase engagement, and improve your product or service.