Technology has been able to reduce work hours for some professions, but for all the PR, marketing and social media professionals we place, hours have increased as file sharing systems and a profusion of smartphones make it all too possible to work from home at all hours. Employees in Hong Kong work 48.4 hours on average per week, 21% more than the International Labour Organization recommends. In a world where it is commonplace for people to work such hours, what should employers do to ensure that employees maintain some semblance of work-life balance but stay productive?

Bess Hepworth runs Bonzapie, a coaching and performance consultancy in Hong Kong, and in a recent presentation for Women’s Media Network, she shared her insights on how to make work environments more fun, which in turn increases productivity and keeps employees creative and happy. We aren’t talking about run of the mill leadership seminars here where employees are being assessed for potential, but simple activities that get everyone up and moving, and create interactive opportunities between people who are otherwise chained to their desks and cubicles.  Incorporating a little fun into the routine can have a big difference on attitudes, moods, and as a result, happiness and stress levels.

Slideshow presentation here.