In the spirit of blogging in 2011, here’s the standard obligatory blog post with predictions for the year: Brian Solis has predicted a bit of doom and gloom in the social media space for 2011. Many marketing departments poured money into the medium in 2010 without any real planning and even worse, no tangible goals were set to increase sales using social media. After all, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” says Brian Solis. But perhaps these mistakes can be prevented before they fail, Mark Schaefer hypothesizes.

While Brian is likely correct in his assertion, blogger and strategist, Mark  Schaefer offers some additional insight that makes this issue more complex. Essentially, he addresses not only the lack of planning but also the inability of companies to adequately adjust to the real-time fast-paced nature of social media. Second, simple ROI metrics, while telling, aren’t the end-all and be-all of social media success, qualitative results can be even more telling but don’t translate well to an excel spreadsheet. He then elaborates on the fact that adoption and enthusiasm from the top level of the organization will also likely correspond to the successes of social media in a company because of the company-wide integration necessary for social media success. Most importantly, Schaefer notes that even the safest companies and highly regulated industries can implement social media internally to connect employees for collaboration across global enterprises.


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