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The PRSA panel about “Facebook’s Impact on Entertainment, PR, and Marketing” was an insightful look into a tool that over 750 million people use, many of them everyday.  This panel was led by Allyson Smith, VP, New Media at The Jim Henson Company; Clinton Schaff, VP, Dialogue Digital and Interactive Media Group and Golin Harris; Rich DeMuro, Tech Reporter at KTLA and Tribune; Eric Kuhn, Social Media Agent at United Talent Agency, and Kay Madati, Entertainment Strategist of Global Customer Marketing of Facebook.  Even though Facebook is not the newest social media tool, it is still proving indispensible and continues to penetrate deeper into user’s daily lives.  While all the panelists did concede that Facebook can in fact be a black hole of productivity on a personal level, they placed a greater importance on the benefits that Facebook can provide on a business level, and further on a social level.

There is a distinct difference between using Twitter and Facebook for business, and each panelist advised people not to combine their Facebook and Twitter accounts because the two sites have very different purposes.  Facebook provides a more natural forum for building a personal, thoughtful relationship; whereas Twitter provides a much faster and more concise diffusion of information—it’s great as newsfeed but for interacting with others Facebook is still king.  That is not to say that Twitter doesn’t lend itself to a dialogue, Twitter is great at getting the conversation started with people with like interests, Facebook is useful for keeping it going.

The event also highlighted how popularity and influence, which can be measured by Klout, on Facebook translates to popularity and influence in the real world.  But you shouldn’t just view your Facebook as a way to gauge your influence, you should use Facebook to build your brand by engaging people.  For instance, having a certain number of Facebook likes on its own is meaningless if this not equate to real world consumers or clients.  It is essential to be active on your Facebook and ensure that you will pop up the newsfeeds of those who liked your page.  Make sure to post engaging, pertinent status updates to build your fan base.  The panelists also discussed the importance of responding to negative posts that may be posted on your wall, for more on the importance of responding to criticism read our previous article here.


A report from BuddyMedia that came out this week examined how Facebook can be best utilized for business. When you include a link in a post or on your page make sure to use the whole link—people who did this in the BuddyMedia study found a 3 times higher engagement rate than when a shortened URL was used. While shortened URLs are useful for twitter, people are more likely to click through on Facebook when they see the branded link.  Also, posting a question at the end of a post instead of at the beginning boosted people’s engagement rates by 15%.  The majority of pages saw the most engagement on Thursdays or Fridays, but this varies by industry, to see what day is most used in your industry click here.

With a network of 750 million active users, half of whom use Facebook on any given day, connecting your business on Facebook is a great idea.  Facebook is even creating pages for businesses who have not yet done so themselves so it is best to claim it as your own so that you can monitor it and respond to customers. Out of these 750 million users, 250M use it on their phone—ensuring that they have access to Facebook 24/7. With such a huge, and dedicated, network, Facebook is the perfect place to brand your business, increase engagement, and improve your product or service.

TrufflePig Search is proud to have placed Luz Maria with Partnership for Los Angeles Schools.  Luz Maria will help rebrand and expand PLAS’s social media presence and strategy.

Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is a collaborative effort between the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Unified School District that aims to turnaround LA’s public school system.  TrufflePig Search congratulates Luz Maria and wishes her the best.

Social Media Week begins in twelve cities across the world featuring free events, workshops, and networking get-togethers.  This biannual conference, first held in 2009, aims to educate and involve people in the upcoming trends of social media.  Each day features a variety of events on different facets of social media, from using social media as a tool to help your business and expand your reach, to managing your privacy and online reputation.

New social media tools are emerging each day and Social Media Week is a great way to ensure that you are up to date with new these new tools, not to mention free.  Everyone from CEOs to artists who use social media for personal branding will find an event targeted at helping them fulfill their goals TrufflePig Search is very excited to participate in Social Media Week in Los Angeles in September and in Hong Kong this February.



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