The Edelman Trust Barometer for 2011 shows a change in trends from previous years that may surprise some. Since 2006, people have looked to their peers as authorities on consumer products, restaurant reviews, and everything else. CEOs have seen a proportionate decline when compared to the increased trust people put in their peers between 2006-2010. But this year is different. CEOs and corporate spokespeople are on the rise again, especially as more and more people expect transparency and want to start conversation with the companies themselves, not just the company’s customers. Granted, people still look to “people like me” when making purchasing decisions but they are also taking stock of the company’s reputation, brand and culture when making these decisions.

Does this change mark the return of traditional PR? Probably not at the expense of digital but integrated strategies seem to be most effective. Don’t ditch all the traditional concepts; learn how to apply them to the digital landscape.

Corporate Spokespeople Getting Their Mojo Back?