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How about a free signed gift of “Engage!” to kick off your 2011?  Click on picture below and “Like” our new Trufflepig Search Facebook page, and your name will be entered to win a signed free gift copy of Engage! by social media guru Brian Solis.

And Happy Holidays from Trufflepig Search Los Angeles and Hong Kong!

Trufflepig Search starts digging deep in January 2011, to serve client  companies that desperately need strategic communicators.  Our candidates have track records guiding social media strategies that produce results for brands.   Trufflepig Search is a specialty division of well-known executive search firm Berkhemer Clayton.

The team-members we place will transform your company for the digital age.

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With the holidays coming up fast, there’s probably someone on your gift list that you’re having difficulty shopping for. Maybe he or she is an entrepreneur, or an early adopter, a tech-nerd, or just someone looking to help boost business in the New Year, whatever the case, these five books are must reads and make for great gifts and stocking stuffers.  These references are the building-blocks of successful social media campaigns no matter the size of your business.

They also represent five great ways to learn about social media, jumpstart your business, and understand the importance of establishing a digital presence. The first lesson comes from Trust Agents: trust is the new currency and the only way to establish trust with your customers is to learn from the examples of those that are doing it right. Lesson two, from The Whuffie Factor, proves the importance of listening and teaches how to add value to your business from responding to feedback. Six Pixels of Separation emphasizes the importance of sharing compelling content and becoming a thought leader to empower your customers and increase your business. Lesson four may seem obvious–hardwork is a given for any successful business, but Gary Vaynercheck, author of Crush it!, outlines how to make your passions come to life  with hard work. Finally, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web gives step by step advice and tips for optimizing your social presence.

More details on Mashable’s Top 5 Must-Read Social Media Books if you follow the link.

There has never been a more exciting time to be in public relations, advertising and marketing, thanks to the revolutionizing momentum of social media, online communications and creativity.  The sheer adventure of being at the beginning of a new frontier, a global transformation, a whole new way of looking at communication, it’s exhilarating.

Also it’s confusing, and corporations are wondering—who’s who and where’s where in this new world.  Who really knows what they are doing?  And are most corporate communications departments fumbling as they learn?  Can anyone afford to make mistakes as they learn?

On this threshold comes a new company, called Trufflepig Search, to recruit experienced communications and marketing professionals who are fluent in social media and savvy about how to harness the beast to drive the brand.   Trufflepig Search—we dig deep to unearth the best in social media.  Like the prized animal that can sense where the most delicious mushrooms grow and dig them up unharmed for consumption by people who appreciate the best, we at Trufflepig Search know how to find the best communicators and separate them from the rest.  We bring them to client corporations for consumption as full-time leaders and coaches—the key to corporate social media strategy that works.

With offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Trufflepig Search will launch in January 2011, to serve the hungry consumer brand companies who desperately need strategic communicators who can navigate and capture social media for their brands.   Launched as a separate division of respected executive search firm Berkhemer Clayton, Trufflepig Search will capture the category.  Our goal is that inside three months, corporate communications executives will think Trufflepig when they need one or a team of social media pro’s.

The team-members we place will transform your company for the digital age.

“We dig deep to recruit the best in social media,” let us know what you think of this tagline on our Facebook page, Twitter, or join our LinkedIn group; comments, follows, and likes welcome. And look forward to our website launch in January 2011!



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